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Hunting and Defense

                                         Steyr SSG 08 .338Lapua Magnum
STEYR SSG 08 .338 Lapua Magnum


Coyote Tan Ceracote M1911 


In the Normal-Times-Now, or in some Post-Disaster Future, you do and will need Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers and Shotguns for Hunting and Defense.

                                                                         M1911 Pistols


Every gun listed here has been carefully chosen for it's Proven Field Effectiveness, Hunting and Defense Crossover Flexibility, Availability and Commonality of ammunition and VALUE.

1892 Alaskan .44Mag 20” 10+1 & 16” 7+1


Purchasing a gun online is unlike making any other online purchase due to Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.

Federal law requires that all commercial gun transactions be conducted through a Federal Firearms Licensee, (FFL).

                              1887 "Bird's Head" .38Spl Single Action Revolver

We are a Federal Firearms Licensee.

We adhere STRICTLY to all Federal and State of North Carolina Firearms Laws. YOU are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of your locality.


Firearms purchased online MUST and MAY ONLY be shipped to an FFL in your area, who will receive shipment of the gun and transfer it to you legally. FFLs perform this service for a nominal fee.

If you do not know an FFL with whom you have done business previously, we will help you find one, during the after-purchase contact we make with every gun buyer.

J. Browning's 1887 Lever Action 12ga shotgunTo learn about federal law and additional firearms restrictions in your area, please see this short summary of: The Law and How to Buy Guns Online.

Walther CCP

Please Note:
It is a Federal Felony to use a Federal Firearms License to commit fraud involving a firearm.

I am NOT interested in doing "time" in a federal penitentiary, so I WILL NOT commit Fraud. You May Buy with confidence.

Please enjoy browsing through our carefully selected arsenal of high-value, reasonably priced, and reliable guns for Hunting and Defense.