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1892 Alaskan & Alaskan Take-Down -.44RM - .357Mag or .45LC

'Scope NOT included

1892 Alaskan - .357Mag - .44RM - 16" or 20” Barrel Options

                                                                         1892 Alaskan Fixed 20” Barrel 10+1

-Out of Stock - Back Orders Accepted

                 Hunting And Defense Price $1299.00 (+Shipping)

        (FedEx Ground $35.00 = $1334.00)

1892 Alaskan - 10% Deposit ($130.00) Required for Back Order (Specifications TBD)*

*They are all the same price - Click "Add to Cart" - We will discuss which you want - It WILL be ordered as you wish



1892 Alaskan Take-Down - .357Mag - .44RM -or- .45LC 16” or 20"

           1892 Alaskan T/D - .44RM - .357Mag - 16” or 20" Barrel


                         Hunting and Defense Price $1399.00 (+Shipping)

                                  (FedEx Ground $35.00 = $1434.00 - HI, AK Extra)       

                                                                                                                                          'Scope NOT Included

 1892 Alaskan Take Down - $1399.00 + Shipping - 10% Back Order Deposit $140.00 (Specifications TBD)*

*They are all the same price - Click "Add to Cart" - We will discuss which you want - It WILL be ordered as you wish



Description: 1892 Alaskan Take-Down .44RM or .357Mag - 16" 7+1 - 20" 10+1 - Matte-Chrome

The Alaskan, combines tradition with modern technology creating the fastest handling Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle, designed by Taylor’s Tactical specifically for the Hunting and Defense market.

The Alaskan, chambered in .357 Magnum or .44 Remington Magnum with 1:20” rifling, produces 1800+/- ft/sec muzzle velocities (.44RM) and delivers knockdown power for hunting many North American game animals and defending against large 2 or 4 legged predators.

The Alaskan, is equipped with fully adjustable, (windage + elevation), Skinner Express rear sights with the Skinner Express fiber-optic front sight. The barrel is drilled and tapped for “Scout Mount” optics, (‘scope mounts not included).

The Alaskan stock and fore-end are solid hardwood with an over molded "Firm Grip" black rubber finish and can easily be fitted with your choice of sling swivel mounts, (not included). The comfortable buttstock is unitized molded anti-shock rubber.

The Alaskan is made in Italy by Chiappa USA and Taylor & Co., to Taylor’s exacting specifications and is distributed exclusively by Taylor's & Co., of Winchester, VA.


Alaskan Taken Down Specifications:                                                        

Barrel Length

20 Inch / 16 Inch


.44RM - .357 Mag


10 + 1 / 7+1


6.6 lbs. / 5.9 Lbs




Black "Secure Grip" w/ Padded Butt Stock


Chiappa USA and Taylor & Co.,

Overall Length

34 Inches / 38 Inches

* We will discuss Caliber and Barrel Length - The order will be placed to your specification.

 Taylor's Alaskan is Legal for Sale / Shipment to all 50-states

How to Buy a: Taylor's 1892 Alaskan

1. Buy Now to ensure continued availability! Click: ADD TO CART! (Button under your chosen item)

 I will contact you within 24-hrs to affirm that EVERYTHING is correct.

 Federal law requires that ALL firearms MUST and MAY ONLY be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

2. If you do not know an FFL with whom you have done business previously, we will help you find one.

Please ask your chosen FFL email a copy of their license to: Ask them to include YOUR NAME and THEIR PHONE NUMBER.

NO SALES TAX, (on internet sales, except NC residents). This savings will offset FFL Transfer Fees.


All Taylor's Alaskan rifles are shipped FedEx Ground. Flat Rate $35.00 Including Insurance, (added at checkout).

If this is your first online firearm purchase, please read this short summary of: THE LAW.

YOU are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of your state and locality. If you live in a state or locality where there may be restrictions on certain types of firearms, please inquire at your county sheriff's office.

Made in Italy